Monday, February 17, 2014

Week Eight: March as a breakthrough month. Out of Winter and into Spring.

So with going back and forth with the budget and how to use the tax return, I decided to just ignore it. I will pretend it never happened and move along as normal. When my Lowe's bill comes due, I will have the money saved up and can make a choice on how to use it; of course it will be paid in full before the interest kicks in. 

Also, my husband and I decided he will do the food shopping; he seems to save more when he goes, so we will try this out for the next month and see if we like it. I still prepare the list and do food planning.

I am so excited for March to roll around; I know it is still 13 days away, but it feels like it is right around the corner. It will be the first month I don't have an austerity budget. I even planned some super fun things like using my credit card points to book a fun "stay-cation" for my son's birthday. Also, having a friend come for a visit will be a blast. I am hoping the weather will  be amazing for her visit. 

Overall, I think I have made it through the darkness, and learned a lot about money, stress, responsibility, and what really in my life is causing me to be sad. In the past, I covered up my feelings with spending, but now, I am looking head on into what I feel and think. It is not easy to face life's disappointments and my own personal poor choices, but moving ahead, I look forward to a better life and perhaps even taking advantage of some free counseling to process these things. 

March Budget Part 3-
Tuition and childcare 575$
Utilities 300$
Cell and Internet 105$
Cleaner 70$ :) I am so so excited I can afford this. 
Food, Toiletries, and Household 485$ 
Restaurants 70$
Amex Card 440$
Stay-cation spending money 100$
Debt Repayment Savings 600$
Dentist Visits 300$
Min Lowes Payment 45$

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