Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week Seven: Hope in the form of a tax refund.

My husband just came back from our "tax guy" and we are getting a sizable refund: 5000$.  As is our habit, we will divide this between us, so I will get 2400. My husband payed 100$ to get our taxes done, so he will get that back from the refund.

Of course, I feel really hopeful that this cash will help me get out of this whole I have dug for myself. So how will it be divided up? I will plan out two different options of how this could go.

Option One:

Emergency Fund Savings 868.17 :) 
403B 2656.50 - 1,531.83= 1,124.67
Lowe's 4426.23 
Dad 1000

Total Debt after 6550.9
1,975.12 due by 6/15 to avoid interest charges.

I like this option because it makes the most of the money by avoiding fees from my 403B, but if that Lowe's bill goes over, I am in big trouble and would have to dip into my emergency money. 

Option Two:

Emergency Fun Savings 868.17 :) 
403B 2656.50
Lowe's 4426.23- 1124.67= 3,301
Dad 1000

Total Debt after 6550.9
850 due by 6/15

I like this option because it is the most comfortable. It feels safer if not the most mathematically sound. I am tired of being stressed about money, so this feels right. 

I am still torn between these two choices and go back and forth, but what a great problem to have :) 

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