Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week Six: Joy and a trip to Trader Joe's

After a very hard week, I decided to go to my very favorite grocery store ever: Trader Joe's. I even allowed myself to shop with abandon. I did a fair amount of damage, but it feels so great to have all sorts of treats in the house, after five weeks of just the basics.

My Very Happy List of Special and Tasty Treats Treats:
Vanilla Meringue
Cherry Juice
Animal Crackers
Spininch and Kale Dip
White Bean and Basil Hummus
Blue Tortilla Chips

These little yummies have been so fun to snack on this weekend. Of course, I bought loads of basics to round out a yummy meal plan and all sorts of yummy snacks. So the damage was significant, but I am hoping that we will avoid take out, and that my lunches will be something to look forward to; They have really been the worst and have left me feeling deprived and sad.

Total Damage: 162.18.

I had 100$ budgeted a week, but this was such a mood lifter to have some yummy stuff to look forward to, so I will just deal with this and move on.

Other damages include a 21$ haircut; I have an interview on Thursday and have not had a haircut since August, so it was needed.

Frugal Stuff:
My week was not all spendy spendy time. I did a lot of work in our half bath to clean up some messy finishes from when redid two years ago; I just used materials we had at the house, and made it look a lot better. My goal is to start to get the house polished, one thing a weekend, so it will be ready to sell in the summer if we end up moving abroad. We ate all meals at home this weekend, and only spent 10$ for my older son to go bowling. Also, I renewed our library items, so we can enjoy them for the week.

My bank account looks a bit sad with 461$ in the bank and three more weeks until pay day, so it looks like I will be in the red this month. In the past, when this has been the case, I have just given up and spent whatever I wanted. I will have to put somethings on a credit card, but this will not be an excuse to spend a penny more than needed.

200$ school tuition
325$ childcare
70$ phone bill
450$ groceries
127.17$ amex bill with hotel
75$ gas for interview trip
75-125$ food while on interview trip

886.17 in the red!!! Will I ever climb out of this hole!? Mad at myself, but also not seeing any other way to keep my spirits up besides a fun grocery week. Blahhh. 

SO here is my revised March budget.

Tuition and childcare 575$
Utilities 300$
Cell and Internet 105$
Cleaner 70$ :) 
Food, Toiletries, and Household 600$ 
Restaurants 70$
Emergency Fund Savings 386$ 131.83$ 
Vacation Savings 100$ 0$
Debt Repayment Savings 600$ 0$
Dentist Visits 300$
Min Lowes Payment 45$
Feb Debt 886.17$

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