Saturday, March 29, 2014

Super Frugal Saturday to Saturday 7 day challenge

I have been a little spendy lately, so I want to go on a frugal seven day challenge.

My goal is to just spend 50 bucks this week. I got a 50 dollar gift for by birthday, so here is how I plan to spend it.

4$ Library Fine
3$ Bread
2$ Cheese
2.50 $ Milk
3$ Potatoes
5$ Wipes
5$ Green Salad
5$ Squash
4$ Cereal
5$ Lunch snacks
5$ Chicken
2$ Cake stuff
5$ Mailing a b day gift to a friend.

With this and my stocked pantry and freezer, I will have enough for the week for these meals:

Pasta and sauce
Meatballs and squash
Lemmon Chicken and Mashed potatoes with salad
Egg and potato tacos
Pizza Night
Egg pie
Chocolate Cake
Lunches: Leftovers and cheese sandwhiches
Oatmeal/ Cereal/ coffee for breakfast
Starbuck's card for a coffee treat next week :)

Sailing with my dad. Free
Library Videos for a movie night. Free
Nature walk/ bike ride. Free
Birthday Dinner made at home. (included in grocery bill)

Cleaning the house, so I can save the cleaner to come before we put it on the market.
Food shopping
Painting tile

I am pumped for a frugal week and for using up some pantry/ freezer items. :)

I will check back in and let you know how it went next week.

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