Saturday, March 8, 2014

Week Twelve: In the groove!

March Budget-
Tuition and childcare 575$  350$
Utilities 300$ 259.13$
Cell and Internet 105$ 98$
Cleaner 70$ :) I am so so excited I can afford this. 70$ of the best dollars I have ever spent. 
Food, Toiletries, and Household 485$ So far I have spent: 241.12$
Restaurants 70$  112.34$!!!! Overage Alert!
Amex Card 440$ 448$!!!! Overage Alert!
Stay-cation spending money 100$ 0$
Debt Repayment Savings 600$ 0$
Dentist/ Medical Visits 300$ 150$
Min. Lowe's Payment 45$ 0$
Spa 165.00!!!!! This was not in the budget.

This week I was sick and got a lot off budget, but thanks to so much help from my family the damage is not as bad as I thought it was. I did end up spending half our dentist money on medical expenses; however, I will save what is left over and reallocate the surplus next month. I missed a whole week of work, so I will not be taking a day off for the dentist this month, so I can budget the rest for April. 

Also, looking ahead, I have some home repairs associated with selling the house, so I need to think about those in the May budget. Here are the over estimated costs:

New sink top: 1000$
Faucets: 300$
Crown Molding: 150$
Spray Paint: 40$
Mirror Framing: 40$
Tile and Grout Repair: 40$
Total: 1470$ 

I hope this number is much closer to 1000$, so I need to start looking for some deals.

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