Monday, March 3, 2014

Week Eleven: Enjoying a bit of freedom

I had another glorious week at Trader Joe's getting all the treats we love and of course the necessities for the week and beyond. I gave myself absolute freedom with selecting my items and found myself stocking up on some items, so my total was 170$. EEKK. My total March grocery budget is 485$, so that was a chunk of it. It all balanced out though because we have all been sick, so we stayed home two days, which saved us 50$ in childcare, so it all worked out to 120$ in the end. Also, I ordered Chinese food which ended up being 21$, so those were my splurges so far, and I enjoyed them ever so much.

March Budget Part 3-
Tuition and childcare 575$   I will actually spend: 550$
Utilities 300$ 
Cell and Internet 105$
Cleaner 70$ :) I am so so excited I can afford this. 
Food, Toiletries, and Household 485$ So far I have spent: 170$
Restaurants 70$ So far I have spent 22$
Amex Card 440$
Stay-cation spending money 100$
Debt Repayment Savings 600$
Dentist Visits 300$
Min Lowes Payment 45$

Next week I am preparing for a guest, which includes my cleaner coming again. I missed her so much and can't wait to walk in the house Friday afternoon and have it be spotless for the first time in forever. I will roam from room to room and be happy. 

Now it is time to peel myself off the couch and clean up this living room and get my life sorted out to return to work and life outside my house. I have not left the house in a couple of days.

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